ate·lier | \ ˌa-tᵊl-ˈyā\
• a workshop or studio, especially of an artist, artisan, or designer
• a room or building in which an artist works

Introducing the Plant-Based Atelier! 


I’m excited to announce a new concept I’ve created to encompass all my services, experience and expertise into one ’showroom’.  This atelier is a service for both corporate groups and private individuals – and one you can come to for learning, practicing, eating, drinking and socializing with other like-minded people.

Whether in-person or online, the plant-based atelier offers cooking, nutrition and wine classes, special pop-up dinners, corporate team building events, health consultations and workshops surrounding all aspects of plant-based food, wine and living.

Why the Plant-Based Atelier?

For those who are interested in how I came up with the name and concept for this:

I’ve long denied calling myself an ‘artist’ of any kind, as for some reason I always associated that term with someone who is either a painter, graphic artist, sculptor, musician or a fashion designer.  Then I thought to myself: well, I’m a writer, a chef, a blogger and also a piano player and most definitely an artist too.

I believe everyone has artistic talents of some kind, the key is to find the area in which you thrive and excel and embrace the word “artist” about yourself.  I don’t believe humans were born to just sit at a desk, looking at numbers or papers for 10 hours a day, and not fulfill any of their other desires, talents or dreams.  The definition of ‘fine arts’, is an art form that is especially appreciated for its aesthetics – and that’s exactly what I aim to achieve with my plant-based dishes. I want them to be as appealing to look at, as they are tasty to eat. I believe this combination creates happiness, curiosity and a sense of belonging when enjoying food.

When I enter my ‘atelier’ I transport myself anywhere from the fields of the vineyards in Provence to the kitchen of the grandmothers in Italy, or to the cabins in the mountains of my home country of Norway.

I want to prove that the plant-based cuisine can be both sophisticated, comforting, approachable and refined. Toss out all the preconceived notions you have when you hear the word “plants”, and step into my atelier!

A few examples of events we can put on are:

Art and wine pairings at an art gallery opening

Workshops on plant-based nutrition, cooking and green living

Team building events for your employees with food and wine

A fun cooking class or cooking demo for a birthday party or other special occasion

Hire an online sommelier from anywhere in the world to broadcast live in your dining
room with you and your guests during a dinner party

How Can the Plant-Based Atelier Help You?

If you’re a company, you probably want to foster better communication and collaboration among your colleagues. Instead of just going out for the typical dinner or drinks, offer them something more creative where they can really get to know each other better and bond!

Having fun has shown to boost productivity and profitability, and by bonding and connecting around fun activities such as food and wine, employees can feel freer to express their ideas and opinions, creating more confidence and motivation to take on new projects.

Team building, when done properly, fosters friendships at work. Research has shown that having a good friend at work can boost one’s engagement level by up to 50%, as well as improving communication skills.

Statistics from the McKinsey Global Institute show that productivity increase 20-25% in employees that are more connected.

Examples of Events and Services We Offer

Here are some of the events we can create for you that will be effective in helping employees make friends and connect further:


Workshops on greener living, how to eat a wholesome plant-based diet, health
benefits of a plant-based diet, eating for energy, increasing creativity by eating plants,
cooking demos. Followed by Q&A and meaningful dialogue and discussion.


Fun team building activities that range from blind wine tastings, cook-offs, food and
wine pairing challenges, plant-based cooking classes and nutrition trivias


Staff training on plant-based foods, vegan and natural wines, wine pairing lessons
with plant-based dishes


Curating, building and maintaining a relevant organic / vegan / natural wine list


Theme-based educational wine dinners


Recipe development for restaurants

Good team-building exercises can also boost manager-employee friendships and are often group challenges with mixed teams of managers and employees who are required to learn and work together as equals to solve a problem or win a game such as the above-mentioned activities.

The Plant-Based Atelier Services for Individuals and Private Groups:


Wine tastings, educational wine classes, food and wine pairing classes


Pop-up dinners, supper clubs, “dining-out-in-the-field” wine dinners


Workshops on plant-based eating and nutrition, how to live greener, what to eat for optimal health and other subjects related to a plant-based diet and veganism


Wellness events with tips on animal friendly, organic and natural selections available in beauty, fashion and household products


Thematic cooking classes, cooking demos for parties like birthdays, bridal parties, anniversaries, welcome and good-bye parties and other celebrations and special events


Online sommelier-services via Skype or Zoom to broadcast directly in your living room during a dinner party for you and your guests (can be done anywhere in the world)