Have you ever wondered what wines to pair with your favorite plant-based foods? The world of wine is huge, with so many different grape varieties, regions and styles… where to even begin? And on the other side: what vegetables, grains and beans will complement your favorite wine?


I’ve started a new learning series called “Decant with Plants” where I teach everything you need to know about food and wine pairings – the plant-based way!


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Sunny is a trained professional chef through the Institute of Culinary Education and a WSET Diploma holder and Certified Wine Educator through the Society of Wine Educators. She has over 15 years of experience in the food and wine industry in New York, and considers herself a forever student, so loves to learn as well as teach.


A devout food and wine lover as well as vegan and health enthusiast, she combines all her experience, skill set and passions into coaching, consulting and writing to help people live kinder, greener, tastier and healthier lives.