For what seems like forever, I’ve been longing for one space where I can combine all my multiple “personalities”.  With that I mean I have a myriad of different passions, skill sets, experiences and interests.  And when I try to focus on just one of them it never really feels quite like me. It’s like trying to be put in a box, having someone label me, but the description doesn’t quite encompass everything that I am. I am proud to say I’ve worked in four different industries, and have had the titles of marketing director, chef, Norwegian food blogger, wine educator, personal trainer, health coach, and plant based nutrition specialist.


This is a site and place for those that might share my diverse obsessions, who find interest in cooking and recipes, drinking wine, green living, Norway, health and wellness, and much more!


I’m beyond obsessed with food, wine and a vegan lifestyle and that will always drive me here. But another important part of me is that I’m Norwegian, so will be looking to infuse this space with some Nordic and Scandinavian touches as well.

More About Me

(if you are really interested in knowing more):

I have always been a dreamer and a seeker of my ultimate dream life. At the young age of 18, right after high school, I left my home country of Norway to go work and study in Rome, Italy. Back then, it was not exactly the norm – I grew up in a small village but I knew from an early age, despite protests and too many eye rolls from people to count, that I did not belong there.

After the year in Italy, I did another controversial thing and decided to leave for San Francisco to get my college degree, despite university and schooling being practically free in Norway. My need for adventure was stronger than “common sense” and after 3 years in California and a year abroad in Paris, France – I moved to my ultimate home, New York City. There I landed a job as an international marketing manager at a record label in music industry and that’s where I stayed for the next decade, traveling the world with artists like Snoop Dogg, Black Eyed Peas, No Doubt, NSYNC, Britney Spears, Alicia Keys, Wyclef Jean and Busta Rhymes just to name a few. Many of my friends were wowed by my lifestyle of international travel, staying in 5-star hotels and eating at luxurious restaurants every week, and although I of course had some very fun moments, I knew deep down in my soul that I was meant for something else. I needed to feed my soul with what it truly wanted. So I kept searching.

When I left the music industry I decided to pursue my interest in food and wine.  Ever since living in Italy, I became fascinated with gastronomy and how wine fit in so beautifully.  I decided to go to culinary school, became a professionally trained chef and started my own catering company not long after I graduated.  While in school, I  felt called to pursue my education in wine more seriously, and attained my WSET Diploma (Wine & Spirits Education Trust) and also received my Certified Wine Educator title from the Society of Wine Educators.


Shortly thereafter I founded and started my own catering company, Fork and Glass, with my chef-husband Mark, which was based on local and seasonal farm-to-table cooking.  We participated in farmer markets and put on events for companies like Audi, Aeropostale, Marie Claire, Elle Magazine and Vogue cover shoots with world renowned photographer Annie Liebovitz.

After 5 years, I decided to get certified as a health coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and from there on furthered my education in life and business coaching.  I’ve always been interested in people and what makes them tick, and as a lifelong searcher for deeper meaning and purpose, I connected with many like-minded women.


Today I’m happy to call myself a food, wine and vegan lifestyle consultant.  But again, I don’t like to label myself.  After over two decades of traversing multiple industries and professions, my suggestion is this:  Don’t limit what you can do or what you would like to do in the future.  Just use your gifts, do what your heart and soul call you to do, what makes you feel inspired and alive when you wake up in the morning.  That’s what I do. Most often it involves food and wine. So be it.  Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll enjoy my site!