We're talking about how to discover your life purpose and start doing more of what you LOVE.

Intensives are a wonderful way to invest in yourself and to send a signal to the Universe that you are serious about your life and future.

This is where we come together to work at the highest level possible and is one of my favorite ways to help my clients because I see what amazing transformations can occur in just one day.

Intensives are also fantastic in the sense that it covers a lot of material in a much shorter period – perfect if you are looking for massive results in a fairly quick amount of time.


  • Feel like you have been at a standstill in your life and need more intense work to bust through any blocks that are preventing you from getting “untstuck” and to the next level
  • Want full focus and attention on your life without having the flow and momentum interrupted
  • Are already somewhat successful but looking to make a greater impact and get crystal clear on how you can utilize all of your skills, talents and interests in a bigger way

Please note that I ONLY work with highly committed individuals for my intensives, and I have the following requirements for you if you are considering this offering:

  • You are committed to serious growth in your life
  • You come prepared with what you would like out of the session, ready to work
  • Are open and coachable and willing to go in any direction and do whatever it takes
  • Ready for an intense, in-depth day of self- exploration, ready to discover options and be solution oriented
  • Stay laser focused and be able to stay focused for a longer period of time

Some clients have been able to achieve the same results they have gotten in a 90 Day program in ONE day…

but the level of commitment you have and show up with will determine what YOU will get out of your day…Basically: anything is possible, the vibration will be high and you will get the BEST of what I have to offer!!

The setting will be an exclusive hotel in the Hudson Valley, NY Included in the day is breakfast and lunch with coffee/tea in between and other refreshments. And a glass of bubbly at the end to celebrate our work together! You will leave the intensive at the end of the day with homework and an action plan to take home and implement.

The intensive also comes with a 60 minute follow-up session for additional support to make sure you stay on track.

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