We're talking about how to discover your life purpose and start doing more of what you LOVE.

Have you recently started asking yourself the question “how did I end up here?”

Wondering how your life just sort of happened? I mean, you did what you were supposed to do right? Get a good education, land a steady, respectable job so you can pay your bills, maybe marry and have a couple of kids, and then you are left with the question: “now what?”.

If you are feeling like there has to be more to life, you are supposed to contribute more, have more fun and feel happier – you are in the right place!

You are here because you want to explore how to improve your life, you have a deep wish of feeling fulfilled, alive and happy. Am I right?

And now you might be wondering how I can help – if I’m the right person to support you in your journey to finally take a serious step in finding your purpose. If I can relate to you, if I have been through similar situations as you.

Read on to determine for yourself!


I have always been a dreamer and a seeker of my ultimate dream life. At the young age of 18, right after high school, I left my home country of Norway to go work and study in Rome, Italy. Back then, it was not exactly the norm – I grew up in a small village but I knew from an early age, despite protests and too many eye rolls from people to count, that I did not belong there.

After the year in Italy, I did another controversial thing and decided to leave for San Francisco to get my college degree, despite university and schooling being practically free in Norway. My need for adventure was stronger than “common sense” and after 3 years in California and a year abroad in Paris, France – I moved to my ultimate home, New York City. There I landed a job as an international marketing manager at a record label in music industry and that’s where I stayed for the next decade, traveling the world with artists like Snoop Dogg, Black Eyed Peas, No Doubt, NSYNC, Britney Spears, Alicia Keys, Wyclef Jean and Busta Rhymes just to name a few. Many of my friends were wowed by my lifestyle of international travel, staying in 5-star hotels and eating at luxurious restaurants every week, and although I of course had some very fun moments, I knew deep down in my soul that I was meant for something else. I needed to feed my soul with what it truly wanted. So I kept searching.

When I left the music industry I decided to pursue my interest in food and wine. I went to culinary school, became a professionally trained chef and started my own catering company not long after I graduated.

Largely I listened to friends who said “you must become a chef!” because I had over 2,000 cookbooks I had collected and was always obsessing about food. Instead of really going within to find out what I truly wanted to do, I just went along and when I finally realized I wasn’t meant to cook for a living (although I still love to cook for myself and for friends), I started studying wine. It appealed to my intellectual side, as we had to study geography, chemistry, other cultures and traditions, and it came with some travel as well which I loved. Again, I had turned a hobby into a full time career, and had to realize that the wine industry wasn’t ideal for me either. There was a piece missing for me, it wasn’t fulfilling me or giving me a sense that I was contributing as much as I was capable of.

My love for fitness and health lead me to pursue becoming a health coach and personal trainer, and through my many contacts and colleagues in my new field I discovered life coaching. This is where I really hit the jackpot.

I finally realized my life’s mission is to inspire and support other women who are feeling somewhat lackluster about their life, to not give up on their dream, despite what other people may think and even if they feel they are too old or it is too late. Is that you? Are you hesitant to change because you have invested so many years in what you are doing, that you find it difficult to switch? Let me tell you – it is SO worth to continue the search to finally find something that lights you up and makes you feel like you are living up to your fullest potential.

Seeing my clients light up and blossom into the women they have been longing to be for so long, makes my 20 year journey searching for my “why” worth it. This is my true passion!

Life isn’t over, it has only merely begun. The world needs what you have to offer – so stop doubting yourself and start creating your ideal life!!

"It doesn’t matter what other people do, it matters what YOU do!”

If you can recognize yourself in any of the below statements you are in the right place:

bulletI feel like my talent and skills are not being optimized or sometimes even used at all

bulletI feel underappreciated in my current job / relationship / life

bulletI fell into a career path I believed I was supposed to be in, largely influenced by other people’s opinions or what I think society expected of me but now I am questioning if it was the right decision

bulletAll I seem to do is work, work, work and I never have time for the fun things I love to do

bulletI often get frustrated because I seem to be stuck where I am, and I have no idea how to make changes that will make me happy

bulletI don’t feel in control of my own life and I am resentful that my day doesn’t belong to me

bulletIf I’m being honest, my “comfort zone” does not feel very satisfying or fulfilling anymore

bulletI want peace of mind

bulletFreedom is most important to me

bulletI want to do more of what I love to do when I want to do them: travel, be out in nature, go out to dinner and the movies, and spend more time with family and friends

Why me?

Because I have felt and lived every statement above and is the reason why I created my coaching business. I grew up feeling I had to say no to what I really wanted in order to fit in, was a prisoner to other people’s opinion in a (wrecked) attempt to fit in, and when I started following my heart, I was criticized but I knew it was the only way to true happiness.

Four countries and four industries later, I have finally found what lights me up and a path that gives me meaning. I want that for you too!!


“My 30 minute phone call with Sunny felt as if she has known for months what’s holding me back.”

“She pushed my buttons to really think about the choices that I was making and that my instability comes from being out of alignment with what I am doing now. I am looking forward to working with Sunny. I strongly believe that with guidance, plan and accountability I will be able to fulfill my passions and provide for my family.”

Marta A.


“Different doesn’t mean wrong. Dare to be different!"