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We're talking about how to discover your life purpose and start doing more of what you LOVE.

Feeling a bit discontent, frustrated, bored or anxious but can’t quite put your finger on why or what you need to get unstuck from the uninspiring routine that has become your life?

Are you trying to be happy in a life that you know doesn’t really fit you but you think you should stay in it?

Can’t figure out your path or the direction you want to go in?

I think I know you. You:

  • are accomplished, yet you are not where you feel you should be
  • have reached midlife and have the “perfect” job (or at least other people think you do) with all the right amenities and a pretty good life
  • have tried as best as you can to fit into what society expects of you and where you should be by now.
  • make decent money but somehow it doesn’t mean anything. You are looking for substance.
  • by everyone’s standards you are successful, but there’s a voice inside you that secretly asks “Is this all there is to life? Is this really it?”

“I want to help you become the person you were meant to be”

You know deep down you have so much else to offer, with so many other interests you would like to pursue, but for some reason you just can’t see it happening for you.

You are afraid of failing, that you don’t have what it takes, so you have resigned to the fact that this is the way life is when you get older. You make up all kinds of excuses to make yourself feel better but it’s just not working anymore.

You hate to admit to yourself that you might be settling, but are scared of making any big changes, and your confidence level has dipped the past years. You tell yourself you are too old, you don’t have enough time, and that a certain wonderful kind of life is for others, not you, and so forth.

I know you want to make a difference. You want to feel like your presence matters, that your contribution to the world is important. In your heart of heart you know you were meant for more, and if you are being honest, you are well aware of that you are currently living below your potential, even if it sucks thinking about it.

Basically you’re trying to figure out how you ended up exactly where you are now.

“Raise your standards. Stop accepting average in your life. You are meant for so much more. Start living with intent and show the world who you really are.” – Sunny Gandara

Get paid and be rewarded for who you actually are and love to do – wake up with gusto every morning finding meaning behind what you do and excitement about how you spend your days!

And guess what: you don’t have to work 24/7 to achieve it.

What kind of life are you REALLY hungry for?

I would love to support you in finding that out! When I discovered my reason for being, I felt the happiness so strongly inside of me I knew it would become my calling to help other women find theirs too!

Think back to when you were a little girl or even a teenager with big dreams and hopes for your future… somehow these dreams and hopes got squelched as you got older, and fell for the lie that this is what happens when you “grow up” and become an adult. You have responsibilities you have to keep that are too big for you to enjoy life or lead a “worry free” lifestyle, the fun must stop and hard work is now your new reality.

You feel you are sacrificing so much; your freedom and time to spend with your family and friends, travel and experience life, your energy and even your health. And now you are wondering if it’s even worth it. “Hard work” doesn’t seem to pay off the way you were promised when you were younger, it just gets you exhausted.

Sound familiar?!

I understand you so well because I had the same feelings when I started building my coaching practice, after having searched for over 2 decades for my purpose in the world.

I traversed four different countries and 4 different industries trying to find what would light me up. Meanwhile people were rolling their eyes at me, saying “what crazy things is she up to next?”

But I knew there just had to be something more for me out there… and the good news is, there was. I found the most rewarding, fun and exciting career as a life coach, where I’m living life on MY terms, and don’t have to ask for permission to be me. And this life exists for you too !!

Instead of going through days, weeks and years filled with regret, resentment and “what ifs”, let’s work together to turn it around right now and start embracing all your talents, skills and interests and let’s design your ideal life!

My life theory is based on my pillars of the three “C’s”:


Show compassion for yourself first and foremost. We so often want to help others, but we forget ourselves in the midst of it. The truth is, you can’t give anything away that you yourself haven’t been able to receive. So why not start by showing compassion with yourself?

Practicing compassion has shown to improve health, well being and relationships. It makes people more resilient to stress and has also shown to make us better colleagues, better parents, better friends and better able to eel contentment and joy and increases our commitment to bettering ourselves. Many scientists also believe that compassion is vital to the survival of our species – I so agree!


Conscious choices are linked to compassion in the sense that it deepens our awareness, and the more aware we become, the more fulfilling lives we are able to lead. Conscious choices and decisions are the ones you take when you truly listen to your own voice and what you desire for yourself. These are the choices when you live in alignment with your values and you find the courage to be just the person you were meant to be- YOU!


And lastly, why do I urge my clients to lead a compelling life? It’s the kind of life that holds your attention, that feeling that you must do something, that this is why you are here on earth. It’s a life based on passion and desire. A compelling life leads you to a sense of fulfillment and achievement, that you are living up to your highest potential. Your life should be IRRESISTIBLE – where you feel powerful, and united with your true purpose. That, my friends,is a compelling life.

Now doesn’t THAT sound like a life you’d love to be living?

The great news is it is SO possible for anyone who is willing to go that extra mile and ASK for it. Make a decision and let’s chat today!!